How much does it cost to register for EngQuest?

Registration for EngQuest is free. We want all lower primary, primary and middle years students around Australia to be able to participate.

How much is it going to cost me to gather the materials for the projects?

The tasks have been designed in such a way that the materials involved in constructing the projects are either recycled materials; such as newspapers and cardboard, or easily accessible low-cost resources, such as drinking straws and other craft items.

What will my students receive for participating? Are there prizes?

Your students will have a great time working in teams on the hands-on projects, learning about engineering, science, technology and mathematics.

Once you complete your projects, fill in the completion form to get access to a special certificate that you can print for your students.

I am already very busy, why should I participate in EngQuest?

EngQuest is an easy-to-use program providing a hands-on, interactive and exciting way for students to achieve learning outcomes across the curriculum. Each project has links to Science and Mathematics outcomes direct from the Australian Curriculum. The supporting education resource material is flexible and provides everything you need to build a unit of work around completing the projects, if you so desire.

Is it possible for individual distance education students to participate?

Yes, it is possible for individuals to participate but we would encourage distance education teachers to consider linking students to work as a team if possible. Working in a team environment replicates real-life practices in engineering. Students will immediately see the benefits of cooperating with others to successfully complete the projects.

Remember, all building, constructing and testing activities must be supervised by a responsible adult.

Our child is in a Scout group that is interested in EngQuest. Can non-school groups participate in EngQuest?

Yes Scout groups, church groups and other community groups are all able to participate in EngQuest as long as there is an appropriately qualified supervisor or guardian to run the projects with students.