EngQuest, an initiative of Engineers Australia, is delivered FREE of charge to Australian schools, and amazingly has had more than 100,000 students participate every year since 2014.

The program encourages lower primary, primary and middle years students to work in teams and apply their problem-solving skills to design, construct and test exciting engineering projects.

Registration is easy and will give you access to all the resources you need to participate in the program. You will also have the option of requesting the brand new EngQuest education pack which contains two colourful posters (one with some interesting STEM facts), a brochure and a class set of stickers.

The EngQuest website has everything you need

This bright, fun and interactive website will provide you with everything you need to work through your chosen EngQuest project.

Access to the following curriculum-linked projects (including instructions, background information, lesson ideas and activity sheets) is available as soon as you register:

  • Rebuild a community
  • Construct a solar cooker
  • Construct a water wheel
  • Construct a catchment
  • Construct a catapult
  • Construct a lifting machine
  • Construct a pull-along toy
  • Construct a straw bridge
  • Construct a newspaper dome
  • Construct a model house
  • Publish a book

(Please note some projects are not available for lower primary.)

What teachers are saying about EngQuest

Teachers who participated in EngQuest were surveyed and:

  • 98% stated that EngQuest had helped their students achieve curriculum outcomes in maths, science and technology,
  • 96% stated that the teacher background information and resources available were very useful,
  • 90% stated they were likely to participate in EngQuest again in the future.

Teacher testimonials

“EngQuest really got us thinking and had everyone actively involved at all times. Students simply collected recyclable materials for use in this project. Although there were a few sceptics at the beginning, our resulting simple machines surprised and amazed us all! What a great program!”
Kate Seyer, Ringwood North Primary School, VIC

“A challenging task that was something different and fun, and as one of my students said, ‘This is cool; it’s great we are not doing school work and the time goes really quickly.’ How fantastic, school tasks that are considered fun by my students!!!”
Jacqueline Woodcock, Mabel Park State School, QLD

“From the moment my students were introduced to EngQuest, they were hooked. Many logged on to the website at home to find out more about the challenge. The hands-on nature of the program has captured the students’ imaginations. The different topics have provided a variety of choices for my students, making it appealing to both the boys and girls who were participating. Finally, this program has enabled the ‘building of bridges’ between students who normally find it difficult to work together – the process of planning, designing and implementing has facilitated some great lessons in cooperative learning.”
Jane Bollum, Southern Highlands Christian School, NSW